A Life Lesson

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A Life Lesson

I am always in a hurry and today is no exception. My list of things to do is impressive and there is no time for wiggle-room. At the top of my list is writing this blog, followed by hitting the gym, going to work, running errands, doing chores, returning phone calls, emails, and texts, etc., etc. I pull out my notepad and start writing, congratulating myself for sticking to my schedule.

Within minutes, I hear the familiar scratching sound of my elderly cat, Shadow, who prefers to claw his way up the bed instead of using the pet stairs bought for that purpose. He approaches me. I ignore him, determined to stay focused on the task at hand. He is brazen, though; comes right up to my face, touches his nose to mine. Tiny heart-melt, but no! Must not get distracted. Doesn’t he know I have things to do?

I turn away, go back to my writing. He stays close, easing his sixteen-year-old arthritic body right down on top of my notepad. I look at him, tell him I am writing. He looks at me as if to say, “So what?” I move him off the paper; he moves back. I move him again; he moves back again. After a few rounds of this, I am more than perturbed. He, on the other hand, continues to happily purr, stretching his body even further onto the notepad.

Perhaps I am missing the lesson here.

I stop writing, put my pen down, and look at my cat. Really look at him. What does he know of lists and the pressure we humans put on ourselves to do rather than be? His life is simple; he doesn’t ask for much. My life is complex – needlessly so. It seems that in my everlasting quest to “get things done”, I am missing out on something so basic, so simple…true connection to Self, nature, and the world around me.

It is quiet now. I massage Shadow’s ears and stroke the soft, black fur underneath his chin. He blinks at me, slowly, letting me know he feels safe and relaxed. I blink back at him, letting him know I am here; that in this moment, we are connected.

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