About the Book

When I was in my mid-twenties, I went into therapy for the first time. 

Front-Book-Cover-198x300Psychotherapy was an intense experience: It opened my mind and unleashed a torrent of vivid dreams. I wrote these dreams down in a little notebook that I kept by my bedside.My dream journal became an important part of my therapy, bringing me insight and yes, even comfort. Some years later, I typed all the dreams into a document on my computer, thinking that perhaps someday I would write a book about them. Although the dream journal was never far from my mind, I continually postponed the elusive someday.

Over the years, I would revisit my dream journal; sometimes adding a sentence here and a paragraph there. The book, however, never progressed due to a relentless, cagey inner critic and a bad habit of editing while writing. I eventually became frustrated and, in a fit of “self-empowerment”, decided I didn’t need the stress and deleted the document in its entirety.

I didn’t tell anyone about the deleted document until months later, when a dear friend asked about it. She was saddened that I let go of something so precious and encouraged me to give it another go. A new resolve kindled in me and with determination I set out to retrieve the deleted file. Amazingly, I was able to get most of it back! I dove into the book writing process and finally created Sisters of Moirai.

In Sisters of Moirai, we follow Meg, Carrie, and Baby as they navigate the strange world of Moirai, run by the ever-perfect, impeccably-groomed Suits. Unable to escape, they are forced to re-experience events from their past in “Rooms” that crop up out of nowhere and where the only way out is through. Intensely psychological, this dark journey into the psyche has many twists and turns that will leave the reader turning pages to discover the secret of Moirai.