1. When will your next book be out?

I am currently working on several books. I hope to publish my next book in late 2017.

  1. Will there be a sequel to Sisters of Moirai?

Maybe! I’ve been thinking about writing a book about the Suits as individuals. I also feel there is unfinished business with the male from Food Source and would like to follow Meg further on her journey as well.

  1. What age are the characters in Sisters of Moirai?

I intentionally left out age for all the characters. Let me know what you think they are!

  1. Who are the Suits? What do they represent?

The Suits represent many things, predominantly narcissism and preoccupation with Self. They embody external characteristics such as physical beauty, charm, wealth, an air of confidence, and other projections of power that our society holds up as examples. We are meant to aspire to act out these traits ourselves and even cater to those that project them.  I feel that many people ignore their intuition about these false Selves, and close our eyes to the ugliness within.

  1. Are there men and/or children in Moirai? If so, where are they?

We know there are at least a few men in Moirai, but we don’t know why they are segregated. Where the children live and how they are cared for is unknown. I may explore each of these areas in the future if there are compelling reasons for their stories to be told.

  1. Why are there so few men in this book?

In the original draft, several of the main characters and the Tabs were male. As the writing of the book progressed, it became clear to me that the women in the book needed to be the primary focus. These women’s stories spoke to me with urgency, so I stripped away anything that detracted from their voices. The men are there, but they are not the focus.

  1. How did you come up with the title for your book?

Well, I didn’t have a name for my book until very near the end. I wanted something that reflected connectedness, something that said the women in the story were meant to be there, had to be there. In mythology, the Moirai embody the concept of Fate, and that really resonates for me with these characters. I extended the concept to “sisters” because all of the characters are in this together.